Elizabeth: Consequences by Helen Bowles author

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Elizabeth: Consequences.
by Helen Bowles

ELIZABETH knew that with her PAST there would be Consequences, but what!

Was running away from her family into the arms of her lover Karl, whom she had turned to in desperation the answer? Leaving had at least provoked David into finishing his affair with Christine and chase after her.

Elizabeth jumped from the car and ran towards the pram hardly daring to breath. The mother was still standing on the pavement screaming hysterically. Two women grabbed hold of Elizabeth and started shouting at her.

Excerpt from Elizabeth

Here she was on the other side of the coin, waiting for a statement to be taken. She started to go back over the events of the day. Just then the door burst open and in marched David, oh! How she loved him.

Excerpt from Elizabeth

“How dare you show your bloody face round here you murdering cow. You tried to kill me and my babies, and you have the cheek to come round here and knock on my door. Clear off, and don’t come back…”

Excerpt from Elizabeth

If she went to the Police, Jean would be in serious trouble, but on the other hand she had to consider herself. It was no good, she was now emotionally involved with Jean and the twins.

Excerpt from Elizabeth

Hand Cuffs

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By Helen Bowles

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Elizabeth Consequences